How To Add Whitelist Address?

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Implementing a whitelist address policy adds an extra layer of security to your digital asset transactions. This guide details the steps for Owners/Admins to set up the whitelist address policy, allowing for a more secure transaction experience. Whitelisted addresses will appear as part of the drop-down menu during the transaction request. Let's explore the steps required to set up this essential security measure.


Step-by-Step Guide to Adding Whitelist Address


1: Access Policy Management

Start by logging in to Liminal Vaults as the Owner/Admin. 

Access the "Settings" menu on the sidebar and click on "Add" under Policy Management.


2: Select Policy Type and Wallet:

Choose "Whitelist Address" as the policy type and select the desired "Wallet" for the transaction.

3: Choose Address Type:

Determine whether the transaction involves an "External" or "Internal" address.

4: View Whitelisted Addresses:

After setting up the policy, you can view all whitelisted addresses by clicking on "View" under the Policy Rules section.

Congratulations! You have successfully implemented a whitelist address policy, adding an essential security layer to your account. Whitelisted addresses will now be available in the transaction request drop-down menu, ensuring a more secure and controlled transaction process. 

IMPORTANT: Before initiating a transaction, kindly ensure that you've funded your Liminal Gas Station. 
It is a necessary step for seamless transaction flow. 
Follow this guide to fund your Gas Station before initiating your first transaction.

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